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Essential Phone 090658 and annoying voice mail

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My mum has the above phone now on digital voice, changing over from the old voice a month or so ago. Moving the phone from the wall socket to plug it in the back of the Wi-Fi router.

Since then two things:-

1. Digital Voice has VM which you can’t turn off only make in a max number of rings before VM cuts in. Annoying if she’s in the garden and doesn't get the phone on time to pick it up.

Can VM on Digital Voice be turned of altogether?

2. The CLI on the phone shows the incoming number if the call is clears before VM cuts in, however if VM cuts in it shows ‘unavailable” although if you press the ‘calling’ button twice it does at least show you the persons name, or at least mine which is stored in the phone’s memory.

Anyone else notice any of the above?


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Re: Essential Phone 090658 and annoying voice mail

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You can turn voicemail off via MyBT. The answer was posted on this forum a few weeks ago.

Start here

Managing your calling features

You can check your calling and network features by logging into My BT >

Or you can log in using the My BT app and click the Manage Digital Voice section.

You'll be able to see if you've activated or deactivated any calling features and change this if you want to.

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