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Extend Whole Home Wi-Fi from existing disk

I have an existing Whole Home Wi-Fi system around the that works really well.

I want to add a disc to an outbuilding that is out of existing WiFi range. Can I run run an Ethernet cable from the back of the nearest disk to a new disk in the outbuilding or does it have to go back to the router?




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Re: Extend Whole Home Wi-Fi from existing disk

hello , i had the same problem , i bought 2 disks to extend  my wifi but found that in the instructions that i had to replace my hub wifi with one disk ,well i was not having that . i already had a 3 pack of home plugs   .i plugged one disk into one home plug at the other end of the house and since the shed already had electric i used another home plug in there and then used the second disk in that more black spots anywhere . also changed the name on the disks to the same as my hub ( home plugs send bb through the house electrical wiring )

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