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FTTC Home Hub dropping out over 4 times an hour.

Hello, the problem started around yesterday evening, the router went into a random cycle of restarting. Nothing has changed recently except we upgraded from Fibre 1 to Fibre 2 on the 8th November, it has been fine since except the latency has been everywhere. Interestingly, after the weird restarts we had a quiet period for a few hours where the latency was halved and everything was going smoothly, then at around 30 minutes past midnight today it started going haywire again. Unsure of what to do, tried a lot of things I've seen on the forum. It has reset twice three times whilst I'm writing this post. When it resets it gives me a different downstream/upstream. I should be on 55/10, but after the resets it progressed down to 47, 33, 30, 27 and after each restart it changes.





This is just a small section of the event log filtered. It has gone down 65 times since 00:43. I genuinely dont have a clue what to do. I am working 17-23 today so there may be slow replies but anything is appreciated. 


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Re: FTTC Home Hub dropping out over 4 times an hour.

You would appear to have a line fault that needs to be reported to 0800 800150.

Check your line for noise by dialling 17070, it should be totally silent between announcements, any noise indicates a fault.

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Re: FTTC Home Hub dropping out over 4 times an hour.

I forgot to add, I checked the BT speed checker when I got the chance, and it keeps showing up with an error, that is allegedly set to be fixed on the 18th October........ 


However, like I said the internet has been near-perfect that whole time, I only saw this by coincidence. I looked on the fault thing on our BT account and it says they fixed a fault that we reported on the 7th November, we didn't report anything, especially on the 7th November as we had just upgraded our internet to Fibre 2 then.



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Re: FTTC Home Hub dropping out over 4 times an hour.

Please delete the fault reference as it is personal information. The fault obviously hasn't been cleared, just report it.