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FTTH - Can router be wired to any room?

Hi all,

Forgive me if this question has been asked many times before, yet I did search thoroughly on the community and on the web.

I'm soon to FTTH the home installed and I understand the hub must be placed next to or up to 30 meters away from the master OpenReach master socket.

My master socket is in the living room on the ground floor and my office is on the first floor. Ideally, I'd like the hub in the office for best performance, as I've not had much luck with quality Powerline adapters and don't like the performance hit of wifi, especially for online gaming.

This 30 meter limit, I believe a cable could be run from the living room to the office, but this probably would involve drilling through two doorways, is this something that can be carried out by the engineer? Can the other phone socket I have in the office be used? I currently get a similar connection speed using this phone socket with FTTC.

Just thought I'd ask the question now, so I know if it's worth shifting all the furniture to make the installation easier for the engineer if he/she can do it.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: FTTH - Can router be wired to any room?

No idea where you got the idea of a 30 metres limitation from master socket to hub from. You are probably thinking of the 30M of optical cable from the external CSP to the the internal modem ONT.

Anyway, FTTH is entirely independent of your copper connection. The fibre cable will connect to the ONT and from there you can run an Ethernet cable up to 100 metres to the hub. This cabling will, however, be your responsibility to provide not the Openreach installer. He/she will just expect to connect the ONT to the hub with a patch cord.

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Re: FTTH - Can router be wired to any room?

With FTTP you can run an ethernet cable up to 100mts from the ONT to your router. The master socket will no longer be used for your  internet connection.

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