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FTTP 900 download about 350 / upload fine


I had FTTP installed 2 weeks ago, since I got it installed average speed I'm getting is 350. On the day of install is was about 500 and engineer said it takes one week for it to settle. Said tested the speed from the exchange box and only 1db was lost. I waited more than one week and still getting the same, with all devices disconnected I usually get around 300, sometimes it is 100 sometimes 700, I've seen 1000 once in the morning but suspect it was an error. Upload speeds are as advertised about 100. I got the same line installed as backup line at my work and constantly getting 1000 download / 100 upload. How can this issue be resolved? All speeds were tested with laptop connected via Ethernet to BT router and ONT. I tried to run speedtest on the router but getting the error:

We couldn't test your speed
We can't see your Hub online so we're not able to run a speedtest for you at the moment.

If you like we can take you through some further checks to see if everything is ok with your broadband.


I run further checks and got this:

Sorry, we weren't able to test your speed, if you'd like help with anything else please text HELP followed by your landline number to 61998 (e.g. HELP 02033458573), or give us a call on 0800

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Re: FTTP 900 download about 350 / upload fine


On a  BT residential connection you are sharing with many other people, so your speed will vary depending on how many are using their connection.

Your work connection will be a BT Business connection, which would have an exclusive connection and get the full speed all of the time.


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Re: FTTP 900 download about 350 / upload fine

if your not receiving your stay safe guaranteed speeds I would call customer services and complain ask for a replacement router to be sent out just in case you have a faulty router 

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