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FTTP Ultrafast in Rochdale Area

Does anybody know when the ultrafast FTTP service is being rolled out to Rochdale, or all of Rochdale? We are still on standard FTTC where we are and are suffering with overcrowding in the cabinet and possibly the exchange etc. So experiencing max speeds of 27mbps and very often during the day our speeds drop as low as 30kbps so whilst working from home this is unusable not to mention when the games console tries to perform massive updates of over 80GB which take around 4 days to complete. 

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Re: FTTP Ultrafast in Rochdale Area

BT Consumer Wholesale FTTP via Openreaches Access Network. You’re best off checking on their web site when and if they plan to roll it out anytime soon.

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Re: FTTP Ultrafast in Rochdale Area

Hi Starwire thanks, so I did check this and it just says there are no plans to upgrade my area, which is quite poor considering its a fairly big area with a lot of areas that struggle to get a decent speed. I do know that some new build properties nearby currently have FTTP to their homes with BT so something somewhere must have been upgraded and the cables installed to those addresses. 

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Re: FTTP Ultrafast in Rochdale Area

There's a lot of fairly big areas with a lot of areas struggling to get decent speeds all over the country. They'll get to you eventually.

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Re: FTTP Ultrafast in Rochdale Area

Perhaps get your Neighbours together, apply for the Broadband Voucher Scheme and then put it towards a Community Partnership Scheme.

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