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FTTP - Why so difficult to order

I've been the community lead for a Rural Gigabit Funded FTTP roll-out in our area and the roll-out is complete bar a few tricky properties - its taken 2 years to get to this stage.

So, some of us are already able to place orders and some have even had installations within 10 days - marvellous.

But, I've been trying to order and it's been a nightmare, 3 separate lots of phone calls, spoken to numerous sales people at BT, spent about 3 hours on the phone and I'm hoping the last conversation will actually achieve my installation but I cant be sure as apparently "it has to be dealt with offline" due to data errors and may take up to 5 days to be formally acknowledged as an order.

I had a very polite lady even send me texts to say that she was on the case and would keep me informed - did she !!!

I called on my landline (I've no landlne broadband though as it was too slow), and I was told that they were having difficulties as I had no landline, strange then that I should be paying for it every month !!!

All I wanted was simple - Full Fibre 100 plus the add-on 700 mins for my phone.

Pole is just outside my garden and all ready to go.

How can it be so difficult to take a simple customer order and action it????

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Re: FTTP - Why so difficult to order

If you have a BT landline then enter your phone number and post result

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Re: FTTP - Why so difficult to order

  •  Checker doesn’t even allow me to enter the first 0 of my std  code. 
    I’ve used the wholesale checker several times and FTTP is available to order. 

  • maybe I should say that BT acknowledge it’s available they’re just struggling at their end to process the order. 
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