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FTTP - Wireless drop outs & banding problems.

Just had full fire 900 installed & experiencing several Wi-Fi dropouts.  I am happy sing the Smart Hub 2 & one mesh disk.

These dropouts are occurring fairly frequently now - losing internet connection for a few minutes or so across several devices - pc, iPads, iPhones. I am not very technical but had a quick look at the log and seems to be where DHCP device is being disconnected. I assume this is being done by the router. The dropouts last a few minutes before reconnecting. 

on a separate issue devices on different bands will not talk to each other - basically this means my stereo homepods drop a channel (so mono) & printer will not work with a device on another band. I understand there maybe a firmware update available- from the log BT keep sending my router an older firmware update which is already on the router.  

it is all very annoying - can someone help me please?


Some of my log where devices are being disconnected 


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Re: FTTP - Wireless drop outs & banding problems.

have you turned of smart setup  




Turn Off smart setup



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