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FTTP blocked ducts

So I've just had an openreach engineer out today to install FTTP and within 5 minutes he's said there is blocked ducts so a 'digsman' needs to come to unblock them. He rang the boss who said there is nobody available today but it usually only takes a few days so should be next week as some stage. Ive rang BT and they said this can take up to 12 weeks but advisor said it will definitely not be done next week. Has anybody else had a similar issue? Feels like I've been left in limbo and to be honest I'm flabbergasted as to how someone couldn't have came out sooner to see if there was a blockage considering it took all of 5 minutes. It also clearly stated on all emails and correspondence that it would be installed today which is not the case. 

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Re: FTTP blocked ducts

The advisor has no knowledge of when it will be done. Only Openreach know.

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Re: FTTP blocked ducts

Yeah I know but they're very hard to get through to. Difficult in my situation as well as I work 60 hour weeks and need to be off a day for them to come back.. I genuinely just want a date preferably asap but even getting that seems impossible.
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Re: FTTP blocked ducts

The Advisor said it can take up to 12 weeks, he might as well said it could take up to 12 years as he/she wouldn’t have a clue how long it will take, especially given Openreach wouldn’t have arranged it yet as the Engineer only visited today.!

When a dig is required the Engineer submits what we call an A55. It then goes off to a Dig Control who make the arrangements for said dig to be done. Depending on where the dig is required, what kind of dig, i.e. soft dig on grass or on tarmac, etc is how long it’ll take.