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Re: FTTP cable entry into house


That looks like absolute s#!t. I’d be embarrassed if that was my work.



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Re: FTTP cable entry into house

The Capping on the outside is right on the edge of the wall so nothing can really be done about that but I’d have least put a Capping 101a Cover on to make it look neater. ref to capping sideways along the cable, I wouldn’t do that, it’ll just look more s#!t than before. 

I would’ve brought the cable in a bit lower though as it now has no drip loop.

Its the inside that bothers me the most though, the cable hole is drilled in to close to the skirting board. Should’ve been a few inches above it so they can fit an Internal Lead In Kit. It’s basically a plug that fits over the hole to A. protect the cable and B. it’s just looks neater.

Also they put on a Field Fit Connector but that may be that the Engineer isn’t Inside Out Trained yet and doesn’t have a Splicer.

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Re: FTTP cable entry into house

Thanks Starwire,

The height on the inside is aligned with the skydish cable coming in which is fair enough as we discussed that before it was done.

Might see if i can buy one of the 101a covers from somewhere even just to cover over the silicone and missing brick facing.

I guess there isn't much point complaining as they are hardly going to come back and instal it again

Cheers for the feedback though

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Re: FTTP cable entry into house

So called the customer services line in. Think it was  08005874787

Conversation went something like this.

'Hello, I'm not sure that my cable has been installed properly and was wondering if I sent you a picture could you see if you think it meets your standards'

'No point sending it here, I wouldn't know, so you need to contact openreach'

'But my contract is with you'

'We can't help as installation is nothing to do with us, so go to the openreach website'


Checked openreach website and can't see anyway of raising an issue.

Also the cable runs through a flowerbed and is buried probably about 6 inches from the surface.

Got to say that if anyone else is here thinking about getting this installation done make sure you specify exactly where its to come out of the ground on to your external wall, that you agree the depth the cable is to be sunk under the ground, that any paving etc is to be cemented in properly etc etc. Or perhaps look to another provider 

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Re: FTTP cable entry into house

To raise a complaint, or enquiry, that relates to health and safety concerns, employee behaviour, personal injury, damage to your property,  quality of workmanship, wayleaves or planned movement of Openreach equipment. You can contact us through our chat facility. Just click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to get started. 

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Re: FTTP cable entry into house

Years ago BT could raise complaints about workmanship if it was via an order and or fault through BT themselves.

Times might have changed though so to avoid the bull s#!t of BT’s incompetent call centres you’re just best using that link pippin put on.

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Re: FTTP cable entry into house

thanks for the reply. I've filled the form in so will wait and see. The service is working I just want confirmation from them I guess that the installation has been done properly because as was said by someone earlier - it looks pretty s#$t

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Re: FTTP cable entry into house

Sorry to hear this and I hope it is sorted. We had a different experience. One of the things which impressed me with BT was the quality of their installation of the fibre into the home. (Compared to the shoddy shoddy shoddy Virgin cable installations on our road - random wires snaking out of the pavement through holes drilled in the wall!). 

Poor installation quality is what stops me moving from BT to Virgin!

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Re: FTTP cable entry into house

I am also considering contacting Openreach to make a complaint about damage done to my property 3 months ago, I thought it was standard but looking now, I think mine may be worse? Can someone tell me if this install is standard?

My obvious complaint is the woman drilled from the inside out, so it cracked my brick entirely and they just glued it back on. Openreach isn't exactly going to be able to fix that so I'm not sure what I can ask for other than compensation, but is there meant to be covering on the black fibre cable?



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Re: FTTP cable entry into house

She was right to drill from the inside out. Openreach Engineers have always been told never to drill from the outside in, you’ll most likely do far worse damage that way.

Once had a guy argue the toss with me about doing it. I point blank refused and gave him an ultimatum. 1. He let me do it from the inside out. 2. He drilled it. 3. I walk off site as I’m not wasting another minute debating it.

He decided to do it his way and ended up with an 8inch wide and 3inch deep hole on the inside wall. Needless to say when he saw what he’d done his face was worth a thousand pictures.

What she’s done though is a bit sloppy, perhaps could’ve made more of an effort not to blow the brick. She’d have been better off filling the hole with silicone and then grinding down the damaged brick and blowing the dust onto the wet silicone.

Ref to the cable, is that coming out of the duct hole? If so it needs a connector bend and capping to cover it.


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