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FTTP connectivity

In a new build. Have FTTP and a BT homehub connected directly to the GPON box in the under stairs cupboard so have great WiFi. There is an ethernet socket underneath the GPON box which I have connected directly to the home hub with an ethernet cable. This has allowed me to have direct ethernet access in the living room via an ethernet socket in the living room wall.

Several other rooms have bt phone and rj11 sockets. What are these for and why so many of them? I thought it would make more sense to have ethernet points around the house to connect laptops etc for direct Internet access. Can the RJ11 modem sockets be used for direct Internet access maybe via a converter or something?



I have an ethernet point in the living room which I have connected to a 

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Re: FTTP connectivity

from what you have posted it appears you have FTTP broadband but the master sockets are for the copper phone line and not for internet

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Re: FTTP connectivity

Thanks, yeah not sure why they have so many of the phone/modem sockets, they are in three different rooms. Very strange really not sure their purpose I mean when you have landline phones you plug the main one into the master socket and the rest just plug into a power socket. Why have these modem style RJ11 sockets n different areas around the house?

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