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FTTP problems...0.3mb MAX download speed...waiting for a cease & re-provide for over a month!

Where to start. I joined BT on the 7th Oct 2021 and since then I have had nothing but problem after problem. I moved into a new property which already had the FTTP ONT box installed. I received my HUB2 my problems began, I spent about 8 days calling back and forth with BT to get an engineer out to get the light to turn from orange to blue. after the third engineer and a call with the DCOE team we finally got a connection, however I was only now getting max download speeds of 0.3mb...I should also mention here that when I joined BT I signed up for the fullfibre500 package and 0.3mb was pathetic.

Now from this point up until now I am still stuck in the middle of the BT/Openreach back and forth. I had a further 3 engineers out to come and check the issue to why I was getting only 0.3mb, the conclusion from the senior openreach engineer was that I needed a cease and re-provide as all the checks at the exchange to the house were fine. 

The cease and re-provide was initiated on the 22nd of October, since then I have been getting text messages every 4 days from BT saying that they are either waiting on openreach for updates or still looking at the issue. I was originally told on the 22nd Oct that the cease and re-provide would only take 24hours! 

4th Nov I get a text from BT that I needed to get my service re-routed to another cabinet to try and resolve the issue, this is where I am now convinced that BT/openreach have no idea what they are doing and I am in an endless loop. I have FTTP which means my service comes from an exchange and NOT a cabinet (as that is FTTC), after this text I then get another text from BT to tell me they are still working on the issue 😕

This whole time I have been trying to wfh with a measly 0.3mb, which has been extremely stressful for me and my family, but with that 0.3mb it was better than forward to 19th Nov I have no lost all internet connection. My Hub is now orange and I have not had any communication from BT about what is going on. 

Every time I try and call I either get cut off after 30mins, on twitter I have asked only to be told I should get an update on the 23rd (5 days after my service was cut off) I can only assume that the fact my box is now orange means that BT have finally put the cease and re-provide in action, but why is it taking 5 days to give me a service again?

Can anyone help? has anybody has anything like this happen to them before? why is my cease and provide taking over 4 weeks to complete. I just need answers, its getting beyond a joke at this point! 

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Re: FTTP problems...0.3mb MAX download speed...waiting for a cease & re-provide for over a month

what colour of lights are on ONT?

are you dealing with FTTP Team 08005874787?

FTTP does not come from the exchange or a cabinet

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Re: FTTP problems...0.3mb MAX download speed...waiting for a cease & re-provide for over a month

Lights on the ONT are all green.

Thanks for the direct number, I will try and give that a call

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