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FTTP snagging

In the final stages of optimising my new FTTP installation. Have gone for Full Fibre 100 including Digital voice. I have a couple of questions:

The ONT is not in an ideal location for the Smart Hub. Is there any likely issue putting the SH somewhere else and running a longer (poss 15m)  Cat5e cable between it and the ONT? The red-ended one supplied is too short, but I'm guessing any decent Cat5e cable will suffice. 

Also there's a glitch with the Digital Voice service where I can call out on it, but not receive calls. Incoming calls go the the old copper line (if I leave a phone attached to it) and disappear into the ether if I disconnect it (ie, the DV phones don't ring at all). The DV phones are paired with the hub as outgoing works fine.

The engineer who installed the fibre had never even heard of the DV service, and was amazed to see I had had 2 handsets delivered as part of the  solution, so I'm guessing I'm on the bleeding edge of this product...

TIA, Chris

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Re: FTTP snagging

Can't help with the DV question, but you can site the Hub up to 100M from the ONT with Cat5E cable.

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Re: FTTP snagging

phone FTTP team 08005874787 who should be able to help with the DV problem

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Re: FTTP snagging

I've already called the FTTP twice, and each time they claim they have sorted it - but they haven't! I was wondering if anyone else had this problem? My number was ported from another service provided which is possibly what's causing the problem..

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Re: FTTP snagging

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Re: FTTP snagging

Digital Voice is a CP only product. Openreach have no involvement in it whatsoever.

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