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Factory reset


I’m trying to completely reset my ps5 and Smart hub 2 but it keeps giving me the same IP address on the ps5 after I’ve done this. 
Any reason it would keep doing this?

it’s making me think it hasn’t factory reset at?

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Re: Factory reset


If you mean the local LAN IP address, then that is unlikely to change, as its linked to the physical MAC address of the ps5. The ps5 will be retaining this.

A full factory reset of the home hub, and a factory reset of the ps5 may result in a change, but its not guaranteed, as the ps5 network card may still keep the address, if its not requested a new one from the home hub.

Why are you trying to change the IP address anyway?

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Re: Factory reset

Thanks Keith Yeah I factory reset both the hub and ps5 but still keeps allocating the same ip. Surely it would only keep the same IP if you set up a static address? Or maybe I'm wrong. Either way the MAC address should surely release the IP after a factory reset?
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Re: Factory reset

Hi @Jaysnp101   It’s not related to a factory reset. I recently changed routers completely and all the IP addresses are the same.

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Re: Factory reset

Thanks @VeteranISPUser  , very strange. Maybe all your individual devices were holding the IP addresses internally but for both my console and hub to be factory reset and still hold all the same IP's I cant understand why!

Anyone else able to shed some some light ?

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Re: Factory reset

Why is it a problem? One address is no different to any other within a private LAN.

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Re: Factory reset

It doesn't really matter why but it is something that I want to understand as something is holding on to this information and I cant understand what. 

If I factory reset both the ps5 and router how could it possibly keep the same IP address every time?


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