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Fibre 1

fibre 1 - is the phone line provided an actual phone line or through the router? so if the internet is down do you still have a working landline?

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Re: Fibre 1

That would depend on what voice service you have, do you have Digital Voice where BT supplied a free handset, if so then it's delivered via the internet or the old traditional way of connecting the phone to the socket ?

If you just joined BT, it will be listed on your order confirmation.

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Re: Fibre 1

it will be my handset, and I am unwilling to sign up to find myself in the same position as I am with Virgin with the land phone being provided through the router, no internet, no phone and in an area with poor mobile coverage

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Re: Fibre 1


Have you got an existing Openreach phone connection which is currently no longer used? If so, then that would be used to provide your phone line and broadband (FTTC) connection.

One way you can find out, is to see if its possible to order a phone line from BT Retail, as a check is made to see if there is an existing line in place. You do not have to complete the order at that point, unless you want to order a phone line from BT Retail, and cancel the phone part of your Virgin contract.


See if your address appears when you try to place an phone order.


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Re: Fibre 1

Thank you I will try that


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