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Fibre 500 and calls over WIFI not working


Im on FTTP Fibre 500 with a landline via copper line too (never really used)

I mainly use a VOIP service (Sipgate) for my calls as this allows me to call on multiple devices while away from home

I also use a iPhone 11 Pro on 3 and when at home it connects to WIFI calling as mobile signal a bit weak indoors

When I make calls with these services I can perfectly hear the caller but most of the time they have issues hearing me

When im out and about and not on WIFI the mobile phone and the VOIP service work perfect over 4G

Ive tried multiple headsets (I have 2 Plantronics headsets and a Logitech Zone Wired) and these all work fine when you run diagnostics and I can record my voice on them no probs so the mic is not the issue

When people are on calls to me they say that my voice is all broken up and robotic but I can hear them as clear as day and this is happening on VOIP and mobile over WIFI so the issue must be the WIFI

Im running a Smart Hub 2 and WIFI Disc upstairs plugged directly into my Mac that im using for VOIP

Are there some settings I need to amend with the Smart Hub to allow this to work properly?

Any ideas???




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Re: Fibre 500 and calls over WIFI not working

There are no settings that you could make on the Smart Hub.

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Re: Fibre 500 and calls over WIFI not working

Thanks - Would this be a faulty Smart Hub then? Strange that its dropping out on both VOIP and Mobile Calls over WIFI?

I also use a RE450 TPLink Wifi extender so i can split the WIFI into 2.4 and 5G to work with smart bulbs etc - Could this be part of the issue? I don't think it would be as the TPLink doesnt connect to the Mac or iPhone

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Re: Fibre 500 and calls over WIFI not working

Easiest way to find out is turn off the tplink and see if calls improve

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Re: Fibre 500 and calls over WIFI not working

Ive switched that off and it still is acting the same way

My voip provider recommends switching off SIP ALG on router but this is not an option with smart hub 2 

im using sipgate with Bria as soft phone on Mac


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