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Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

Hello Guys.

I upgraded to Fibre 900 from 300 beginning of June. 
First week went great 940mb/110mb Wired + 450-660mb/110mb Wifi. Brilliant this is what I wanted.


Then the Wi-Fi issues start and speeds began to drop Wired is around 825mb/110mb

Wireless now can be anywhere from 980kbs to 86mb then it will have a good day at 440mbs but then drop again.


i shall list everything I have done and had done to try an resolve this issue. Is this issue a SH2 issue with Fibre 900???


changed all supply cables to Cat5e.

5 minute reboot on ONT and Router.(works for maybe a day or two)

had a new router sent out.

had a engineer come out. 

The engineer said it was the smart hub gave me another new one same issue still persists.

had them change my Wi-Fi channels as they said it maybe that. It wasn’t.

on a less full VLAN.

the fibre line into the house is fine and looked at, light it fine.

tested with complete Wi-Fi discs on as they sent them out In case it was the distance it’s not. Used Wi-Fi SweetSpots on a good day and in the corners of the house i still get 350mb.


tested with the Wi-Fi discs off and a reboot to make sure it wasn’t the discs 


so followed numerous people and engineers and still none the wiser coming to the forums to see if there is any other issues. Or any thing to sort this out



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Re: Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

I don't think the Smart Hub 2 is capable of working with the full fibre 900...

I am having the same sort of issue, except im getting 350 on a wired connection!

My wifi last night dropped as far as 19 and caused me to have buffering issues on my streaming service

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Re: Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

I would like to know why random people who ordered the 910 / 110 package have had zero speed problems since day one yet dozens (if not more) are having issues hence the number of posts on this forum is displaying their disappointment.??

Subscribing to this post. 😉

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Re: Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

An hour ago i was seeing 17mbps down, 10 minutes ago my speeds were 350mbps, and now its down at 200mbps... the fluctuation on this is absolutely insane... I have a new 3rd party router coming next week to test and review (if the braodband allows it)... I'm not hopefull as I was seeing less speed when using PPPoE direct into the modem...


BT can you sort this out before I cancel and go back to Sky

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Re: Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

I must be one of the lucky ones, I’m now 2 months into the 900 fibre package and speeds and reliability so far have been spot on. My Smart Hub 2 is under the stairs and am still getting up to 450 download and 118 on my IPad Pro downstairs. I do think the BT hub is a bit underpowered for the 900 package and hope BT offer an upgraded version with Wi-fi 6 at some point in the not too distant future. Before BT I had Virgin Broadband and the Wi-fi signal and reliability of the connection were awful so I am a happy bunny!

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Re: Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

You are lucky...
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Re: Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

I'm not sure I understand the problem?

when you guys say that you have those 910/110 speeds you are referring to wired connections right?

I also have a gigabit connection and those are the expected speeds BUT only via a CAT5e (or better). There is no way that you will have that kind of download speed via WIFI. Even though the 5G (ac/ax) technology allow for that and higher, the smart hub is just not able to deliver that. Also different end user devices use different network chips that won't make it any higher than 100 perhaps up to 300 mbps. That's why BT won't listen to speed complaints that are not measured via a wired connection.

If people are really expecting to have higher WIFI speeds then I suggest that you read (and a lot) about other user experiences and buy equipment that has effectively been tested (and reported by end users) as delivering those wanted speeds.

Equipment manufacturers "lie or mislead" a lot about "capable" speeds that won't ever be achieved.


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Re: Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

On using two different speed test apps I achieved 660mb on my 11 pro, the Wi-Fi antennas in the phone are capable of these speeds.


i also tested using Wi-Fi sweetspots which tells me the Wi-Fi at the specific spot in my house by pinging back and forth every second.


So I have Wi-Fi tested and have received 660mb before that’s why we all know there is a problem and even BT have acknowledged there is a problem with it too.

they are trying to push a firmware update soon with the ability to get proper speed tests working with it.


i know there is an issue as the first week or so I was getting 940mb wired and 660mb on Wi-Fi and then they just dropped and tanked 

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Re: Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

Just to make it abit easier.
I got 940mb/110mb wired and like 340-660mb wireless the first week.

Then something changed.
I get between 725-875mb wired and wireless went anywhere between 800kbs and 420mbs.

That’s why we know we have issues
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Re: Fibre 900 Download Speed Issues no fix known.

Hi All,

Just signed up to this because now i know I'm not alone!


Once upon a time on the 27th May i upgraded to 910meg from 300meg.

The 300meg package continuously gave me 290 300 or 310 - very reliable, but not great for a house with many many wifi and ethernet connections including Ring Cams and a fair few Alexa's generally at the same time!


However two days later i was excited to see the upload speed of 110meg from 50meg.

But the download speed was yet to be upgraded.


Bt sent an engineer out the next day from openreach.

Light refraction was perfect in the street at the splitter. And again at my ONT.


Two weeks pass, then three, then four of less than 300meg download speed with the occasionally spike to 410meg!

Sometimes only getting 150meg hardwired to the hub with no wifi on or any other devices plugged into the hub!

This is how i have tested the download speed everytime and using as per BT's request.

But also backing it up with ooklas speedtest.


To summarise:-

In a 50 day period i've had:-

1 new ONT,

2 new hubs,

2 additional black wifi discs for the dead wifi spots.

3 Openreach Engineer visits.

Countless hours of talking to level 2, then 3 and now 4 with someone out of the executive office.


Customer service have been great especially a guy named after a creator of a game i play. Very ironic having Mr. Clancy trying to sort out my speed for our gaming household!


The third pair of engineers were able to speak directly to an openreach tech guru who was able to edit the build on my line from the exchange.

He found this not to work.

Then about 4 hrs later the Openreach tech guru removed the build and put a completely new one on my line.

This gave me a couple of spikes of 860 -960 and has settled out at only 700meg.

This was confirmed by BT.

I'm out of contract with BT because they didn't meet the 445meg minimum for over 30days, but i'm staying with them for now, because i'm getting 700meg and for £2 less a month with Virgin 500meg i will lose 200meg. No brainer stick with BT until Virgin's Gig1 arrives in my street!


Today the fourth openreach engineer has been out and is saying the same thing as the previous 3 its a BT software glitch.


I've learnt:-

The openreach build on the line from the exchange is described like a gate that will allow a gig through.

The profile is what BT says can go through that gate.

The Smart Hub 2 when reset picks up the profile from BT and tells the hub what speed i should be getting.


I'm waiting for a follow up call from the exec office at BT to talk about the engineers visit and to see what the next step is to achieving 910meg.

I googled IP Wholesale issue and found interesting reading, that BT havent mentioned to me!...