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Fibre 900 only showing 330Mbps

I’m using all the usuals...

Wired connection into hub

Gig lan card, Cat5e

Tested with different laptop and cable speed test

Disconnect everything from the router

Reboot hub and the fibre converter device thingy

Engineers showed me it getting 960Mbps

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Fibre 900 only showing 330Mbps

The gigabit LAN card is the theoretical maximum speed it can support. There's so much hardware within a PC that can cause bottle necks and restrict data transfer rates. This can be caused by processor speed, harddrive speed, memory speed etc etc.

My wifes laptop has a Bluetooth WiFi dongle that supports up to 100mbps. In theory she should get the full speed but in reality she gets a 10th of this because the rest of her laptop is utter rubbish and can push the data around quick enough...

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Re: Fibre 900 only showing 330Mbps

Meh, thanks for your reply but I don’t think a crappy laptop can account for the drop I am seeing. I have a Fing, I’ll plug it back  in now that I’ve got the new hub up and running and leave it to tell me what it sees.

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