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Fibre priority waiting list in CFP deployment??

Help! We are at the end of a Community Fibre Deployment which on the whole has gone well. Openreach have finished the deployment, and most of us have placed orders with BT and are eagerly awaiting the installation of the drop cables to the properties. However, one of the houses included in the scheme is having a nightmare with BT. They are trying to order the Full Fibre 100 FTTP service, but are being told that this service is not available to them and that they have to order a (more expensive) HALO package.

But they are included in the scheme, and will connect to the same CBT on the same pole as I do - and I have successfully ordered the Full Fibre 100 option without HALO. And there are more than enough sockets in the CBT.

Furthermore, after 90 mins on the phone, they were eventually told that they could not order just Full Fibre 100, and were being "put on a ‘priority listing system’ because there were only 4 available places for fibre in your area and there are 7 on the waiting list."

What on earth is all this about? Do BT ration Full Fibre 100 services within a postcode? Not sure I ever saw that mentioned anywhere. Or is it just gobbldygook from a poorly trained customer service rep looking to get the customer off the phone?

I am sure they want to get people to order HALO, but to do some kind of rationing seems very  odd. Happy to provide more details if required. TIA..


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Re: Fibre priority waiting list in CFP deployment??

Ask the person to phone the FTTP team  on 0800 587 4787 who should be able to help.

If they still have a problem get them to post on the forum to see if they can be offered individual help to their problem.

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Re: Fibre priority waiting list in CFP deployment??

HALO is just a benefits add on that has nothing to do with technology at all so don't understand why the rep was saying that. I know the phone waiting times are long, but suggest calling again to get a different rep.


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