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FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

So I ordered FTTP recently.

I had 2 engineer visits scheduled.  One for yesterday to do the outside work.  One for 8th September to do the "internal work"

Upon the engineer visiting yesterday he did all the work on the outside and installed everything on the inside also as he said he may as well do it while he is here as it was a quick an easy job, which saves him coming out again on the 8th to have the modem installed inside etc.  So I rang BT yesterday and told them this and could they send me a Smart Hub quicker than the 5th September as scheduled as we are currently working from home and the current BT Homehub constantly disconnects a million times a day and because we are working from home cant have this.  BT call centre very kindly sent out a box and it arrived today... SUPERB!!!

So, the jist here is... all the work is done that needs done... I have the wireless router and the openreach engineer said all he needs is BT to send him a "job" to activate it and we can have it on nearly straight away as he has done all the work and has the serial numbers he needs etc.  Rang BT today to get them to raise a job and activate it and they cant do it.  The lady I spoke with on the phone was more than helpful... She was amazing.  Polite, very understanding and went out of her way to help but unfortunately it couldnt be done.

My question is why? It will be saving BT money sending out an openreach engineer again to literally arrive at the house and leave straight away... Why can't someone who is in authority or who can, look at this with a sensible head and say - yeah makes sense - everything is done, lets get this activated for you today? 

We are literally sitting here waiting for someone to click a button? Seems absolutely daft!?!? 

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

Computer says no!!!

Its the crazy world we live in these days, sensible decisions can't be made.

Did you speak to the FTTP team? If not you could try giving them a call 0800 587 4787

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

I rang BT on 08005874787... The lady I spoke with was amazing... She tried her best. It just seems absolutely ridiculous that this cant be done.  It will save them money having to send an engineer out for a house visit that he doesnt need to do because all the work is all already done. 

All Openreach need is someone in BT to raise the job to activate it and he can have it done in 5 mins... 

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

Won't save BT any money, they've already paid the standard install charge.

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

Think you’re missing the main point here.

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

Not really, @licquorice  already covered that part.

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

The main point here is why do we have to wait until 8th September when all the work is done and all the equipment is installed and its all ready to go... I just need BT to send Openreach a job to activate the serial number of the Fibre modem, its ridiculous that this cannot be done.

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

The first Engineer would’ve been there on a Rod and Rope Step 1 Task. They’re not supposed to do the Internal Fit on those jobs.

Also it’s not BT Consumer who send the Engineer the job to Activate the ONT, it’s Openreach and the Engineer can’t request it be sent there and then or earlier as the whole Order goes through a ‘Flow Process’ where certain Actions and Activities are triggered on set dates/times.

Theres one person at fault in this whole thing and that’s the Engineer who installed the ONT early. 

The only winner will be the installation Engineer who shows up in September as he/she will have an easy job of just activating the ONT.

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

He's the only one in this area so I guess it means he just wont have to come out again.

Just seems daft... Everything is there and good to go, yet it cant be activated.

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Re: FTTP - Ridiculous Internal Issues

He might be the only guy in the area that does it but he clearly has no understanding on the Order Process and what goes on behind the scenes prior to the Customer Installation. 

He sounds like the usual gung ho Engineer who through his own lack of knowledge has caused frustration and inconvenience for other people.

He’s the one in the wrong, not anyone at BT Consumer or Openreach.

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