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Firebase storage urls are blocked by the BT Web Protect

I started getting errors accessing any documents held in firebase storage.

I can see them in the Firebase console, but if I try to view them I get an error.

The exact error depends on which browser but it was along the lines of:

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

After a bit of digging, it seems specific to the BT ISP and IMAP in the UK and caused by their BT Web Protect product. If I disable Web Protect from my BT account I can access the URLs again, but obviously, that is not a solution I can offer to our customers. (Similarly, if I connect via a mobile hotspot on my phone, all is well)

I contacted BT who suggested I email and ask them to unblock it, so if anyone else is having this issue please do the same - the more noise on this the quicker the resolution hopefully.

To the Firebase team - is there anything you can do from your side to expedite this? Firebase Storage is a huge part of our product and it simply doesn't work for anyone on BT at the moment.


Thanks in advance...😀




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Re: Firebase storage urls are blocked by the BT Web Protect

I doubt Firebase will respond on this forum. Perhaps better to contact them directly.

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