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Sync sub-folders - cannot see all sub-folders in Dashboard

My first post - hello all!

I use BTCloud but have a problem selecting Folders/Sub Folders in BTCloud Dashboard.

In BTCloud Dashboard, when I click on the parent folder, not all the sub folders display.

It appears that the only sub folders that do display are the ones that I have used recently.; I can sync those OK because I can tick them; I cannot tick (and sync) the ones I cannot see!

Why are some sub folders not displaying?

Is it because the BTCloud sub folder concerned is called "OneDrive"? (Yes, I sync to other clouds....).

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Sync sub-folders - cannot see all sub-folders in Dashboard

Try right clicking on a document you have recently saved and check the location.


If its saved under onedrive, you'll need to add the onedrive folders to the backup tab in BT Cloud.


It sounds like you have the default document folder (username/documents rather than username/onedrive/documents) selected to backup.

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