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Fitting Proper Face Plate

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Hi All

I recently had BT come out and activate and set up my BT Broadband.  It was a contractor, not a BT engineer who set it up and i noticed that he didn't fit a proper face plate, he left me with a filter instead.  I've got a on the wall with a number of sockets on it, i just wondered if it's possible to fit a proper face plate to this or not, does anyone know?

I did mention to the contractor that he needed to fit a master socket but he said i didn't need one.


When i lived in my flat and BT set up my broadband there, BT sent out a contractor to do it, he did the same thing, left me with a filter so i had to call BT up and they sent out one of their engineers who fitted the proper face plate.


I just wanted to check first on here if it's possible to fit a face plate to this plate before calling BT.








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Re: Fitting Proper Face Plate

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Obviously that isn’t anything that Openreach would supply, and any built in filter cover would be designed to fit standard NTE master sockets not what you currently have.
That combined power , phone and TV outlet either has the ‘line’ from outside terminated on the reverse , or if it’s an apartment or multi dwelling unit , it’s possible the line enters the building elsewhere and terminates on a standard NTE master socket and that ‘outlet’ is simply an extension socket from wherever the real master socket is,  the multi function socket and wiring to it from the real master socket being installed by whoever built the property , and they are the ones responsible for it , not Openreach .

As that combined services socket has mains wiring into it, I doubt any Openreach tech would go behind it to disconnect the phone wiring and then fit an NTE next to it, and if there is already a master socket somewhere else , you shouldn’t fit two master sockets on a line anyway, plus it would look worse ( IMHO ) with another separate phone socket on the wall next to it.

I doubt anything other than what’s been provided can done, if it’s purely the aesthetics that you don’t like , place something in front to disguise it.

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Re: Fitting Proper Face Plate

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Yes, I can also confirm that is not an openreach type socket so you would be able to change the front plate. 

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