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Smart hub 6 no internet connection

Hi my smart hub 6 keeps losing connection from devises connected to it. Wi-fi and wired. 
we have 3 pcs in the house 2 wired one Wi-fi  all on windows 10. 
all fine until a month or so ago when my Amazon tv said it wasn’t connected.  Rebooted Amazon and hub. 
Said connection was there but not connecting. 
reset hub and split channels again and this worked. 
the next day my pc on Wi-fi showed connection but would not connect to the internet. 
after about an hour of messing around again I managed to get it working. 
all the time 2 iPhones worked fine on both channels. 2.4 and 5ghz.  
The same day 1 wired pc stopped connecting to the internet. Again took me an hour of resetting and messing around to get it working. I also have to keep unplugging the Ethernet cable and swapping sockets for it to eventually work. 
today my 3rd pc started doing the same. 
All the time the phones work. But my Wi-fi printer lost connection also the Amazon box and Wi-fi pc keep losing connection. 
is my box faulty ? 

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Re: Smart hub 6 no internet connection

Is the guy actually dropping internet connection or is it your devices having problems connecting to the hh6.

Can you post hub connection stats

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Re: Smart hub 6 no internet connection

Everything has been fine for over a year. No problems then after one time the hub rebooted itself.   Maybe an update I’ve had nothing but trouble. 
strange Wi-fi and wired not working on and off then saying I have connection but can’t connect to the internet. 

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Re: Smart hub 6 no internet connection

Just to update Being sent a new hub to try. 

will let you know if it works 

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Re: Smart hub 6 no internet connection

New hub was faulty and kept rebooting itself.
engineer came out and changed my socket even though he said it was fine.  Checked the line and did a few adjustments.
he said it’s working.  Tried to connect.  Same thing. Says connected but no internet secured.
engineer went to the bt cabinet in the street changed over the connections.  Then it worked.   For a week and I’m back to square one.    

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