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Frequent daily intermittent broadband disconnection

Since last november our BT Halo 1 broadband has been randomly dropping connection following an electrical storm, it happens randomly and can be up to 20 times a day and with 2 kids at home trying to do online school lessons its just a nightmare. We have been sent a 4G mini hub but its not really fast enough. 

I have now had a new router and main socket installed and have had 5 engineer visits up to now and the fault still persists exactly as before, i am convinced the fault lies somewhere along the copper line outside our house that runs to the cabinet, the fault usually occurs in wet and windy weather!

I just dont feel im getting the help required to rectify the fault from BT, another engineer was meant to attend this morning but openreach say "Engineer Visit Complete" on the fault tracking through BT support but no one has been to the house.


Hub info as follows.

Product code:Smart Hub 2


Serial number:+091299+2044016921


Firmware version:v0.24.04.11017-BT


Firmware updated:Mon Jan 18 14:22:50 2021


Board version:R01


GUI version:1.71 05_06_2020


DSL uptime:0 days,07 Hours52 Mins42 Secs


Data rate:4.998 Mbps / 24.998 Mbps


Maximum data rate:6.737 Mbps / 32.135 Mbps


Noise margin:8.5 / 10.0


Line attenuation:13.1 / 24.7


Signal attenuation:11.4 / 37.8


VLAN id:101


Upstream error control:Off


Downstream error control:Off


Data sent / received:286.8 MB Uploaded  / 1.6 GB Downloaded




BT Wi-fi:Activated


2.4 GHz wireless network name:xxxxxxxxxxxx
2.4 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel11)


5 GHz wireless network name:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel36)


Wireless security:WPA2 (Recommended)


Wireless mode:Mode 1




MAC address:E4:75:DC:F3:3F:C2


Software variant:-


Boot loader:0.1.7-BT (Thu Nov 30 09:45:22 2017)
Any help much appreciated.
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Re: Frequent daily intermittent broadband disconnection

Any noise on your line?

17070 option 2 best with corded phone. It should be silent between announcements.

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Re: Frequent daily intermittent broadband disconnection

I have done the noise test with a corded phone, there is slight noise but not every time I’ve run it

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Re: Frequent daily intermittent broadband disconnection

As I’ve typed that last post the broadband happened to disconnect, I have just ran the test again and there was a lot of crackling 

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Re: Frequent daily intermittent broadband disconnection

if there is that much noise then report a phone fault to 151

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Re: Frequent daily intermittent broadband disconnection

Hi @RobPark  and welcome.

Thanks for posting. Sound advice here from both @imjolly and @pippincp . If there's noise on the line you need to report a line fault to 151. Let us know how you get on.



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