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Fttp question about Careline

Evening all, 

I have tried to find out by the power of Google and searching but keep drawing a blank! 

I have the option to move over to FTTP, but I have an Argenti Careline system in the house that requires an analogue phone line attached to it (if my mother in-law falls she has a red button she can press and it dials out to a Careline company) 

My question is can I go to FTTP and can I get a digital to analogue converter? Is it as simple as that?  

Any help would be most welcome.

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Re: Fttp question about Careline

FTTP in itself doesn't automatically mean a transfer to Digital Voice and conversely, staying with FTTC doesn't mean you won't be moved to Digital Voice either.

Digital voice is independent of broadband delivery technology, although it is more likely that FTTP will result in Digital Voice.

You need to speak to the Careline people about this as they will be aware of phone systems moving from analogue to VOIP based systems.

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Re: Fttp question about Careline

Telecare have a newer system that uses the mobile network or connects to the Internet in order to communicate with he monitoring centre. You will need to contact your Telecare provider/local authority to let them know about moving to FTTP and the move to a Digital phone line so they can upgrade the Telecare system

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