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Full Fibre 100 poor start.........

Like with many others, it seems like we're starting off with the usual wifi issues caused by the SH2. 

Receiving 150mbs to the hub, but my wifi speeds are currently anywhere from 10-35mbs (which is worse than my old connection on Fibre 1) and currently regretting the decision. Had an online chat this morning and they're sending me a "disk", but I can't see this doing anything to assist as it's not like I live in a huge house and our main pc is only 10m away from where they've mounted the modem/SH2 with a clear line of sight with doors open.  

Port 1 is constantly flashing on the port modem also (not sure if this isn't helping the situation?). 

I know buying a wifi6 enabled router might be the only way to go, but then that's slightly annoying to me when I've also had to pay for a router that isn't up to the job in the first place. 

Any suggestions or is it going to be the usual 6 months of back and forth before anything gets resolved? 

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Re: Full Fibre 100 poor start.........

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Re: Full Fibre 100 poor start.........

Already turned off........

Just ran another speedtest via and got a  26 ping, 17mb download and 27 upload. 

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Re: Full Fibre 100 poor start.........

I would say split the networks but you can't do that with the SH2.

BTW you haven't paid for the SH2, it remains the property of BT Retail.

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Re: Full Fibre 100 poor start.........

At least that's a bonus lol.........

What are the options then? New router only would you say? 

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Re: Full Fibre 100 poor start.........

Is this G.Fast or an FTTP connection?

Full fibre so FTTP.

Personally I always go for the third party router option.

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Re: Full Fibre 100 poor start.........

Any recommendations? 

Now I'm just looking at going for a switcher and running cat7 where I need it most. Not ideal, but the current fluctuation in speed from the SH2 is a total joke. BT need to get a firmware update sorted asap or provide better hardware in the first place to match the standards. 

Please be aware of this before "upgrading" to FFTP and assess. 

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Re: Full Fibre 100 poor start.........

Obviously a lot of personal preference comes into this but I'd go for an Asus RT-AX88U.

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Re: Full Fibre 100 poor start.........

If the orientation of the internal antenna of the old/new hubs are different, then signal strengths to a particular location could vary even if the hubs are placed in the same position.

You could try installing wifi analyzer on your PC which will enable you to see the effects of any adjustments. Then keep moving the antennas on your PC to see what effect they have (you can easily double (+3dB) signal strength by moving the antennas a few inches). You could also rotate the hub. I noticed an increase in signal strength when the hub was rotated 45 degrees away from directly facing my PC.

Another issue with your computer could be if the wifi antenna are at the back and you have the metal case of the PC blocking the signal. You can get wifi adapters from tp-link or asus that have extension cables so you can attach the high gain antennas (magnetically) to the top/side of your computer (eg TP-Link Archer TX3000E). I have the TX50E (no extension) and can get 142Mb with a PC on the floor above the router with my fibre 100 connection. Cheaper than a new router, might be worth going that route first. If you do then I recommend anything with the Intel AX200 wifi chip (futureproof-ish), some no-name brands with claimed 6bB antenna can be as cheap as £25 (which you can return).

ps the flashing port 1 just indicates data is being transmitted.

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