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Full Fibre 900 slow speeds

Hi All


I recently upgraded from 500 to 900 meg.

My speeds are exactly the same as was previously despite the upgrade on the download I get a varying degree of speed from 100 or so meg to 400 or so.  The download speed is pretty consistent at 100 or so, does drop slightly below.

The results are across a whole host of speed testers too.

I swapped my original home hub for a netgear r8000 as my original BT hub got nowhere near the 500 meg I was on back then.  The netgear hub is slow, I contacted BT who tested and sent a new BT Hub to try (I had to put the old BT hub back in so they could test) the new BT Smart Hub 2 is again showing exact same speeds of around 430 meg.

The new BT Smart Hub only had two devices connected my Mac and my phone to test, both of which should handle high speeds.  The Mac has a gig switch.

I've tried unplugging the ONT etc. and powering back on.

All seems odd and struggling here.  

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Re: Full Fibre 900 slow speeds

What speeds do you get with a wired connection?

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Re: Full Fibre 900 slow speeds

If you connect the SmartHub 2 back up and drop me a PM then I can take a look for you 

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Re: Full Fibre 900 slow speeds

Thank you. I will let you know when it’s back connected. Need to find a moment when the family aren’t using the net.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 slow speeds

@Steve_M  You do realise the Smart Hub will show a connection speed of 1Gb or is there some other test you can do?

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Re: Full Fibre 900 slow speeds

I can initiate the Speedtest from the hub and trace the results etc. 


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