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Full Fibre 900 update from BT FTTP team

Since my installation I have suffered with poor speeds (as low as double figures).

I have bypassed the hub to connect directly to the ONT (that was typically worse than going through the hub) and my wireless speeds are slightly higher than my wired speeds (work that one out).

All my devices are capable of receiving 1gbps through wired and wireless means so thats not the issue.

I have rebooted the hub, the ONT and even factory reset the hub (all that did was mean i had to reconnect all my devices manually)

BT today have acknowledged that there is an issue with the hub that they are working on and a new firmware patch is being rolled out in batches between now and the 4th of August.

Fingers crossed this new firmware update will actually make a difference to the way it performs, but I don't see how as the speed i get when doing a PPPoE connection is about the same and sometimes worse that when going through the hub 😂.

So hopefully I will get a meaningful update in the next few days/weeks and this gets resolved as BT are the only supplier in my area that provide broadband of this level (even if they don't seem able to provide that at the moment 🤣)

Wish me luck!

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Re: Full Fibre 900 update from BT FTTP team

Thanks for sharing and good luck.

I'm in a similar situation and like you I wouldn't expect a SH2 firmware to help in cases where the SH2 isn't in the setup or where the fault isn't in the SH2.

My speeds are a problem even with a UDM-Pro/ UDM / direct connection all being more than capability of handing a 1GB source. It's something outwidth the SH2. Changing my VLAN undone all the good work that had been done to get the speeds closer to the Fibre900.

I'm waiting for a call back from case management next week after the whitebox I was sent and asked to plugin has collected the download / upload speeds.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 update from BT FTTP team

Sounds like you have had more diagnostics work done than me... i just keep getting told that "We can see you receiving 700meg" which i think is pesh to be honest... ill see what the firmware update does but im dubious and think the modem is broken.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 update from BT FTTP team

Yeah, I’ve been through a lot over 8 weeks with Fibre900 and sad to say I’m not the only one 😞

There has been a collection of issues with Fibre 900 including the SH2 capping uploads. It’s been complicated in few cases where expectations haven’t been met due to technology limitations.

However, there is hope in that BT have selected several customers who are not getting the right speeds to collect some detailed numbers on actual speeds with the aim of getting to the bottom of the issues. 

My speeds are almost the same (on a good day) as Fibre500.

They might find one problem or several, I’m waiting to see.

Although you cannot manually request the latest firmware even if one is available sometimes a couple of reboots of the SH2 can help it be delivered and installed. I did that to move from v15 to v17.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 update from BT FTTP team

Im already on v17.....

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