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Full Fibre Ethernet speeds slower than WIFI

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Hi - I was hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance.

My service has been upgraded to Full Fibre 150mb.  I have connected my TV directly to the Hub 2 using the Ethernet cable that was supplied with the Hub 2.

My TV has Netflix built in and using the Speed Test built into Netflix it constantly reports about 95mb download speed.  

Attached to my TV is an Amazon Fire 4k TV stick that is wireless.  Using Netflix on here the Netflix speed test gives a constant download speed of 148mb.

Before I try a new a Ethernet Cable, is there anything else I could try to speed up the wired connection?  Could this be a limitation of the TV itself?  I am aware that 95mb for something like Netflix is way more than enough but I would like to max the download speed to the Xbox if I can with a wired connection where I am getting similar results of wired download speeds of 95mb.

Many thanks for any guidance.


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Re: Full Fibre Ethernet speeds slower than WIFI

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Not all devices run at 1000Base-T, it’s quite often some devices will only run at 100Base-T.

My Sony UHD Android Smart TV only runs at 100Base-T, the 5Ghz WiFi connection runs faster.

So it could simply be the device does not have the ability to run past 100meg, if all you are getting is 95meg then I would say that is within spec.

I doubt very much the Ethernet cable is faulty. You could try the Ethernet cable on a laptop connected direct to the hub and then try a speed test and see what speed you get.

But from my experience it’s the device that is speed limited. As 100meg is more than fast enough to support even a UHD stream.
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Re: Full Fibre Ethernet speeds slower than WIFI

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I second what @zoltronix1972 has said. 95mbps would suggest that you are maxing out the tv's network adapter and that's more than enough for UHD with HDR... You should get pretty much instant streaming with no buffering at all..

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Re: Full Fibre Ethernet speeds slower than WIFI

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Thank you for the replies.   That all makes sense and was my thought.

Do you think this could be the same with the PS5 too?  Wired is coming in around the 95mbps when using a wired connection direct to the BT Hub 2 but wireless shoots us back up to 148mbps.

I am happy to leave the PS5 using wireless but would like to understand why the speed drop.  I would have thought the next gen console would make full use especially as Sony really seem to be pushing us away from buying physical disks (and if you do buy a disk you often get a massive day one patch anyway).

It also seems good to me to limit wired devices to 100mbps.  My son has a PC that when downloading from Steam slows down everyone else and even stops us streaming elsewhere.  He is on a wired connection so throttling him back might leave some capacity for the rest of us.  Our Fibre is new so we have not tried this just yet.

I have always been taught to use a wired connection where possible but maybe this advice is changing now that we are getting these higher speeds.  Until now our fastest speed was 20 to 25mbps which was interesting with us all working at home.

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Re: Full Fibre Ethernet speeds slower than WIFI

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I definitely know an XBOX One X runs at 1gig via Ethernet, and from searching the web it looks like the PS5 has 1gig Ethernet.

I would definitely try the Ethernet cable on a laptop or another device you know works at 1gig. As it could well be a faulty cable. It would only take a break in 1 of the 8 wires to revert the cable to 100meg.
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Re: Full Fibre Ethernet speeds slower than WIFI

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Yep - that was the problem.  A new Network Cable between the hub and the PS5 pushes the test up to 145mbps.

Thank you for all your advice and support.