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Full fibre 500 Speed Issue

Hi I’ve upgraded to FTTP from FTTC.

After speed checking with the BT app the router is synched at 512mb down and 73mb up, that’s fine, the problem comes when I carry out a speed test. I’ve also contacted BT several times and they confirm this to be correct.

WiFi various massively depending on what speed test I use, but I haven’t seen anything higher than 340 on latest apple equipment, but more strange is the speeds when connected via Ethernet.

I cannot get anything over 300mb with a cat5e cable connected to the router, I’ve tried two laptops and various cat5e cables and all test the same, the Ethernet driver confirms it’s connected at 1000mbs so I now they are gigabit Ethernet.

Upload speeds are consistently around the 65-70mbs, so that’s fine.

The only other quirk is I’m also getting random disconnects of the Wi-Fi discs, I’ve had these for a while and never had an issue with them on the old smart hub 2.

Has anyone else experienced the hub giving out a lower download speed ?

BT have now agreed to send a new router to see if that makes a difference.

Any other users experiences / thoughts are welcomed.