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Full fibre awful speeds

Morning all, 

We had Full Fibre 900 installed yesterday morning, I got home from work and checked the speeds and was getting 300mbps download speeds both on my iPhone 8 and on my laptop (Wi-Fi).


I thought well this is ok as it’s just installed and the speeds will increase over a few hours but this morning we’re down to 25-30mbps D/L and 30-45mbps U/L.


Obviously this isn’t anywhere near what we should be getting so I reset the smart hub and it was still the same, so I reset the modem and it’s now even worse at 20-25 D/L and 10-15 U/L. I’m testing from the same room that the router and modem are in. Also, my sky Q box is connected by Ethernet and it took nearly an hour to download a UHD movie yesterday. 

I ran the diagnostics on BTs own site under “fix my problem” and it said our speeds were well over our guaranteed speeds without saying what the actual speed was. The checker on there said that it may have something to do with the device connected as older devices can’t handle the higher speeds, but my iPhone 8 was showing 300 yesterday and my laptop is a 2019 model with Wi-Fi 6 capabilities so they can handle it.

Can anyone shed any light onto what I can do to fix this please? At the moment our speeds are less than 10% the guaranteed speeds let alone the 900 that it’s designed to do. 

Thanks everyone

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Re: Full fibre awful speeds

Hi @Rammstein94  welcome to the forum and sorry you are not getting the expected speeds from your full fibre connection. If things have not improved it would be best to call in and speak with the fibre faults team and they'll be able to help you with this.



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Re: Full fibre awful speeds

Thank you John for your reply.

I did some digging around online and found that maybe the SH2 ive got isnt up to the job of providing the speeds that its meant to. I connected my PC through the ethernet cable direct into the SH2 and got speeds of 900. However, yesterday i did the same and connected via the cable and it fluctuated again between 50-150mbps. 2020-08-02 (1).png2020-08-02.png


As you can see theres only 1 minute between the tests i did last night so its all over the place.

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Re: Full fibre awful speeds

I read your post and decided to double-check my BT Full Fibre 500.

The fastest connection is PC to the SH2 via ethernet (cat7 cable), the slower one is via Wifi , Samsung S10 to Whole Home Wifi disk.


ethernet 2.jpg



wifi3 copy.jpg

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Re: Full fibre awful speeds

Thanks for the reply Mick,


Its good to know the SH2 is providing the speeds over Wi-Fi . I’m hoping mine goes up to the levels I’m expecting because at the moment it’s less than 100mbps over WiFi, sometimes 30-50, even in the same room as the router. Also, it doesn’t matter what device it’s on. I’ve got an iPhone XS and a new Lenovo laptop with Wi-Fi 6. 

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