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Full fibre install

I have signed up for fibre to the house full fibre 100 just wanted to know how they will get the fibre into my property 

current copper comes underground and up into the house in an internal room BT master socket in on an internal wall, there are no external cables or junction boxes

will they pull the fibre through the existing duct using the copper cable as the method of pulling the fibre into the property?

the property is 15 -25 metres from the public footpath and the BT underground access point but the driveway is fully tarmac on 3 sides of the property so there is no way to access the duct on the property 

if they are not able to get the fibre into the property without any digging or installing a new duct through my garden but this would be lots of work ? Any advice welcome or if anyone else has had the same situation could you advise how it was resolved 


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Re: Full fibre install

are you in a fibre priority area or in an estate newer than about 2000

If you have ducts, they will pull the fibre through the duct to where the existing copper comes out of the ground.

If you are in one of the fibre roll out areas and dont have any ducts to the house, then its digging but I bet you have ducts.

Do you have chambers in the road (should be concrete covers with BT or CATV logos on them)


It appears that Openreach are installing fibre in headline areas but also are taking the opportunity to install it into newer estates that have ducts and chambers as it will allow targets to be met quicker and cheaper.

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Re: Full fibre install

Yes we have ducts and the square chamber is at the end of my drive wasn’t sure if they would pull the fibre to the inside if the house as the duct is hidden in a stud wall with just the BT master socket on the wall, will look around the rest of the road and see if any neighbours have had full fibre installed yet and get feedback from them 


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Re: Full fibre install

From your post, it’s clear that you will have ducts running to your property. It’s a black plastic tube here. Openreach will pull fibre through that duct to the underground  street connection.

You may have to wait and see for connection date. Openreach will keep you informed with installation plans and dates.

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Re: Full fibre install

I see, the property end of the duct ends inside the house, thats odd. Normally it would come to a duct outside, run up the wall and in through.
In that case, OR probably think you have a duct they can easily use, but it looks as if they will need to dig to get to the end at the house. I can't see them pulling it into the wall where the master socket is.
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Re: Full fibre install

If the OP is in NI then the line is normally ducted inside the property.

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Re: Full fibre install

This raises a question of delays, and timing.

Openreach can’t enter a property for installation: only repairs. 

Thats how it stands at the moment, with current restrictions. It’s matter of planning

They  have left loose  fibre cables at my duct outside. Can’t get fttp until Openreach installs from exchange and BT engineer installs from duct to my  master socket.   Hmm. Dates suggested are late Spring / Early Summer. Presumably the same for N.I?

Must get Halo 3+ and the installation is paid for?

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Re: Full fibre install

@RibblelancsI can guarantee it won't be a BT engineer doing the install.

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Re: Full fibre install

Yes I am located in Northern Ireland they have the fibre through out the whole street for a couple of months now and now sending out letters to homeowners to recruit customers wanting this new service 

I will see what happens going forward don’t want to be without any service at all as have given notice to current supplier for the broadband on existing copper cable 

thanks all for helpful feedback


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Re: Full fibre install

😀      Haven’t seen BT for ages around here. It’s always an Openreach van. They were busy in the Main Street, and cabinets, and must have finished.

As with @Tweedy68 , we have been receiving, cards though the post, re fttp install.

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