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Re: Full fibre install


Yes I am located in Northern Ireland they have the fibre through out the whole street for a couple of months now and now sending out letters to homeowners to recruit customers wanting this new service 

I will see what happens going forward don’t want to be without any service at all as have given notice to current supplier for the broadband on existing copper cable 

thanks all for helpful feedback


I had an idea you were in NI. It's possible they may dig a small hole at the exterior wall to access the duct and mount an external CSP.

@RibblelancsYou won't see any BT engineers, they don't have them. Openreach own the infrastructure.

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Re: Full fibre install

OR can enter properties to do work.

This is only possible if you have a very low speed or no internet. 

we had a previous Radio wireless supplier for internet that stopped on the date of supposed installation.

So after first failed visit and no internet BT requested an internal and external visit from OR. The problem we had is Kelly wouldn’t do this even though the job sheet stated it and required OR on 5th visit to install internally 

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