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G Fast

I have issues with BT at the moment regards installation of GFast at my property.

Ordered on 5th Aug installation date was 25th Aug and they did not turn up, I raised a complaint with them which at the moment is on going, how long for nobody knows.

Whilst walking dog yesterday I spoke to an Openreach engineer who said as far as he knows GFast cannot be installed if you live more than 350 yards from a cabinet, does anybody know if this right or not and if this is the case why are BT letting me place an order that they cannot possibly deliver on, what a mess

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Re: G Fast

yes 350m is farthest from cabinet

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Re: G Fast

Many thanks for your response, as I am more than 350 m from the cabinet, then why are they processing my order, may as well cancel
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Re: G Fast

I would only add that I have which is working perfectly well and according to the engineer who installed it I am 373 metres from the cabinet, so perhaps there is a bit of leeway - I have seen 400 metres mentioned as the limit.

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Re: G Fast

Many thanks 

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