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Google Nest Wifi setup with Bridge Router

Hi all,

Just to note - I have read through a lot of discussions prior to posting! 

I am having an issue setting up my Google Nest wifi which I had ordered from the BT shop. Ultimately, I just want a decent wifi mesh to get coverage throughout my whole house and garden (I have a nest router and two points). 

As in understand my existing smart hub is acting as both router and modem and will not go into bridge mode. I have a Netgear D7000v2 router which will act in bridge mode. 

I have tried to setup the Netgear router in bridge mode as modem only (making sure to enter BT PPPoE login details and setting VLAN ID) and  then connect my Google Nest wifi via Ethernet to the D7000. However when setting up in bridge mode and then selecting modem only the internet drops (Google router also does not receive internet). 

Would someone be able to help at all as I’m currently tearing my hair out! Thanks in advance! 



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Re: Google Nest Wifi setup with Bridge Router

If you put the Netgear in bridge mode, the PPPoE details need to be entered on the Google router not the Netgear.

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Re: Google Nest Wifi setup with Bridge Router


Thanks for getting back and sorry for the late response from me!

I have put my Netgear router in modem only mode so it should be in pure bridge mode (internet light is orange). I then connected my google nest via Ethernet to my bridge mode netgear. 

First time on google setup it failed but then I had option to put in pppoe settings where I used username: it then required a password to which I put ‘bt’ in order to get through the screen.

unfortunately google nest still saying failed to connect and now I’m stuck! Any ideas?






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Re: Google Nest Wifi setup with Bridge Router

The good old 7000 range, you might have to try DMZ option on the 7000 where the Google is added that way and then disable the WiFi on the D7000. If you don’t you end up with Nat issues.

Failing that you need a modem depending on your package you have, an old HG612 for example and that’s a very easy way of using third party routers.

Don’t forget NG routers if changing the mode require a factory reset, it’s best to do that then try modem only mode.

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