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Google WiFi and home hub 6

Hi all. I've seen the advice on plugging directly into the ONT with the Google WiFi, but I don't have one. The wall port has a smaller phone line port and that's plugged into the broadband port on the Home hub 6 to provide the internet connection. The Google WiFi device doesn't have that phone port, only two network ports, so I'm a bit stuck. Any advice please? 

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Re: Google WiFi and home hub 6

You need a modem between the broadband socket and the Google WiFi. An ONT is an optical modem, you need a DSL modem such as an Huawei HG612 obtainable from Ebay.

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Re: Google WiFi and home hub 6

Just thinking... Couldn't I turn off dhcp/wireless on the Home hub 6 and leave the Google WiFi Puck plugged into a lan port on it? 

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Re: Google WiFi and home hub 6

You can, but the Hub will still be routing and natting and if the Google device is in router mode you will be double natting and need to have it in a different subnet as well. Does the Google device have an AP mode? If so, put it that mode and leave DHCP on on the hub.

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