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Halo 1, fibre, keeps failing BT hasn't been able to fix it

Had a good broadband service with BT until I fell for the promises and good deals on Halo 1 with fibre Nov 2019, the service keeps failing, frequently, on all my devices which aren't at fault, they did try earlier this year now they ignore me, my bills are way too high esp with cloud which I don't use, I'll have to go to the Ombudsman to get out of a useless service I'm stuck with for another year, have you been able to keep the service


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Re: Halo 1, fibre, keeps failing BT hasn't been able to fix it

Hi Galway, welcome to the forum and, sorry you are not happy with your broadband connection.

Are the disconnections or wired or wireless devices?

Please post your stats from the Smart Hub 2 you will get these in Advanced settings then technical log information. 
Also, h
ave you tried the quiet line test? Dial 17070 option 2 from your phone line- should hear nothing and it's best done with a corded phone.



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Re: Halo 1, fibre, keeps failing BT hasn't been able to fix it

Look, I suffered through yet another phone call yesterday for an hour, changing channels etc, just as you've been doing for ages, nothing wrong with my devices or the phone, and as usual it's closing down this morn, lost a radio show I was listening to, as usual my PC came up saying you're off line, brought up the site, which said connect manually, so I got back on, and you're draining me dry with what was advertised as free, or at least I thought so, BT Cloud, £3 a month but I'vew never used it, you're breaking laws about what you should do providing a service and what I should be getting, made a case on that, sending you a report quoting the clauses in the lae, but you wouldn't let me leave a very expensive service which doesn't work


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Re: Halo 1, fibre, keeps failing BT hasn't been able to fix it

forgot to add, wnt to your FB page, found another user who'd posted 3 days ago with the same issues as me, we exchanged notes, so I'm not unique, at least he's out of contract.


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Re: Halo 1, fibre, keeps failing BT hasn't been able to fix it

I assume you came to this customer help customer community forum for some assistance/help to try and find a solution to your internet connection problem.  However the help is only as good as the information you supply so basically if you do not provide basic information then you are not going to get help

if your connection is dropping is it your internet connection - hub light changing colour - or are you dropping wireless connection to your devices but hub light stays blue?

have you checked to see if you have noise on your phone line which could be the cause of any internet problems - dial 17070 option 2 should be silent and best with corded phone

have you turned of smart setup

in order for the forum members to help please can you post the stats from your router (if hub enter in your browser) and if  HH5 then go to troubleshooting then helpdesk and if HH6/SH2 then advanced settings then technical log information . 

Someone may then be able to offer help/assistance/suggestions to your problem


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Re: Halo 1, fibre, keeps failing BT hasn't been able to fix it

i certainly don't find that helpful, I don't like it, you've been doing that throughout this year, engineers, new kit and more. Just another very dissatified customer. I've found out about 3rd party routers etc, just researching, should be cheaper than buying my way out, and could you tell me how to stop that service, the Cloud, which 've never used
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Re: Halo 1, fibre, keeps failing BT hasn't been able to fix it

Clearly you just want to whinge rather than seek help. Fine, just carry on.

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Re: Halo 1, fibre, keeps failing BT hasn't been able to fix it

Hi @Galway, the community is only trying to help with your broadband issue but if all you want to do is cancel the BT Cloud then please call 0800 800 150 and customer services will cancel it for you.



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avoid bt!

Don't fall for all the sweet promises BTgive you!Got the fibre broadband Nov 2020 so I'm stuck with them till Nov this year, I'm paying over the odds, should've been in the 30s but I'm often paying in 50s, and I have to pay £3 for cloud which I don't use but can't remove, it's kept failing so often, they've tried but nothing works, I gave up on linking in my Sky box because it lost internet day after day but the password is hard to work on a control, losing place in games, streaming that suddenly stops so I have to reconnect, then sign in again to the site, , I often use the BT Wifi hot spot as it is reliable.  Thought I'd be clever, put in a 3rd party router but I'm not as tech savvy as I thought.  Don't fall for them!!

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Re: avoid bt!

ASUS routers have an excellent support forum and it's not complicated at all to connect one of their devices to BT's internet service.
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