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Halo3+ Discs how long do they hold connection info?

I've been trying out the position of my disc. I can get reception anywhere in the house and the shed but only by moving the disc about. So I've ordered the other two discs offered which when properly placed should give me the coverage I want. You program them by connecting the mains and an ethernet cable out of the hub. You can then disconnect both mains and ethernet, take them to where you want them and plug into the mains.

One of these is going into my workshop/shed. I know from moving my first supplied disc about that it will work and will give me reception in the shed and the garden outside. It means that if I'm doing a job with internet guidance I don't have to keep going the house. However the shed is wood and as a fire precaution I turn off the power when I'm not in there.

Will the disc remember its settings and reconnect if it has been without power for maybe a week?

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