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Has my ‘Switch Over’ happened?

Hello. I was sent a new Hub2 back in May, along with a letter informing me that I was being switched from copper broadband to fibre at no extra cost, and that I could expect to see speeds of up to 3x faster. The letter also said I’d be sent a separate letter or email to let me know what speeds to expect.  The switchover was supposed to happen last Friday but on checking my speed today it’s still the same as it was, and I’ve not received any further communication, so was wondering- does anyone know of any delays?  I can see from previous posts that the below was asked for so have attached mine... genuinely means nothing to me but if someone could advise I would be immensely grateful. Thanks in advance!EC11B887-D4BF-40CB-AF69-DEE1DA4F712F.jpeg

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Re: Has my ‘Switch Over’ happened?

can you post hub stats - go to hub manager then advanced settings then technical log information and you should see the connection stats 

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Re: Has my ‘Switch Over’ happened?

Given that your expected speed from FTTC is around 55 to 80Mb and from exchange based ADSL could be 11Mb, a speed test should give a reasonable indication, or as already stated check your router stats, as far as the router is concerned, presumably you have connected the new router ?
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Re: Has my ‘Switch Over’ happened?

Yes, new router was connected immediately as it was received. This is the information from the router....means nothing to me so any and all assistance is very much appreciated! Thanks for the help so far!DCF69350-0AB5-4ADB-BD5F-DDE41E6985F4.jpeg

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Re: Has my ‘Switch Over’ happened?

You are still on ADSL2 as shown by the modulation.

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Re: Has my ‘Switch Over’ happened?

So that means I’ve not been switched over, is that right? Would anyone know why this might be? I’ve been happy with my 11mbps, but was looking forward to getting speedier!


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Re: Has my ‘Switch Over’ happened?

There's no one here who would have any idea why you haven't been switched. Give them a ring.

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Re: Has my ‘Switch Over’ happened?

Will do, thank you all!

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