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Have to keep rebooting router


I have the Smart Hub 2 with my full fibre package.

I keep having a port forwarding rule that seems to fail. For my self-hosted websites, I have a port from external port 80, to internal port 8085. and the same for external port 443, to internal 4443. Every week or so, the websites on those ports go down. I try troubleshooting but the server never receives any requests. All I have to do is reboot the Smart Hub 2 and it magically fixes it until it fails again. Does this indicate a faulty router?

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Re: Have to keep rebooting router



This is still an issue for me. Randomly, any ports that have a different external port to the internal port in the router port forwarding settings, stops working after a random amount of times (sometimes weeks, sometimes months.). I've tested it with an application on a certain port and it works fine when it's the same as external as internal, but if it's different I get 'ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED' in my browser. I have to reboot my router to solve the issue. I've tried a factory reset and still get the issue after a random amount of time, sometimes it's months in-between it happening. Perhaps I have a faulty router?

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