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Home Hub 5 with BT modem

I can connect to BT by using a BT modem I have knocking aboutand  using an RJ11 cable to the modem and cat5 to the Home Hub 5. If I connect the home hub 5 directly to the face plate using the same rj11 cable the home hub never connects.

Can anybody give me an explanation or a means of connecting the home hub 5 directly to the BT face plate please.

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Re: Home Hub 5 with BT modem

if you use a modem to connect to master socket then you must be connecting the modem to the HH5 WAN port

if you want to connect hub then try factory resetting the hub by pressing the recessed button on back and holding until lights flash  now connect hub with RJ11 to adsl socket on faceplate and also adsl input on hub

you should also turn of smart setup in HH5

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Re: Home Hub 5 with BT modem


Make sure you connect it to the DSL input on the home hub, and not the red WAN input, even though the plug may appear to fit.

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Re: Home Hub 5 with BT modem

Assuming that you are connecting it correctly, then it could just simply be the modem functionality of the Hub5 has gone faulty but the WAN and router functionality is still ok.