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Homehub connecting to TPlink Archer c50 set to range extender

I don't think I've set up my home network correctly because i'm having loads of issues that come and go.

I have a BT homehub.

I have an ethernet cable running from it down to my garden with a TPlink Archer C50 router providing wifi.

All was going well until:

I added a second TPlink router in my house to extend my bad signal there.

I first ran another ethernet cable through my house and set up the new router as a range extender.

Then all my alexa devices started dropping off the wifi to the main BT hub.

So i removed the ethernet cable and used it as a wifi range extender.

this was better but i often get errors: can't connect to (new) router, or new router has no internet.

i assume there's some conflicts in there somewhere?

hope someone can help me as i'm likely just being dumb to network stuff.

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