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How soon will full fibre be available?

I live in a big flat, couple of weeks ago I noticed that the pavement is being dug up and there were temporary traffic lights, they dug up quite a long stretch, I’d say a solid 20 seconds worth of walking distance dug up.

i checked the Openreach website and it used to tell me there’s no plans for my area but now it says ‘Faster and more reliable fibre is coming to your area soon’, so how soon would it be? Would I be wrong to say I’ll be able to upgrade by the end of this year?

also I’m on a 2 year contract starting from Feb 2020, I should be able to call BT and upgrade to Fiber 100 for the same price? (£39.99)

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Re: How soon will full fibre be available?


 There is no way of finding out, unfortunately. All you can do is check from time to time if it is available to order. 

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Re: How soon will full fibre be available?

Use the DSL checker, once you see WBC FTTP available you will be able to place an order. 

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