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How to make a feature request for BT Whole Home Premium WiFi?

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I recently purchased a BT Whole Home Premium WiFi set.  And, while I'm very happy with the much improved WiFi within our home the set has provided, I'm less happy with the reliance on having to use an app installed on a smartphone in order to set up and access some features. 

I appreciate there is a web-interface available at http://btwhole.home/, which duplicates most of the app's features.  However, the web-interface lacks the ability to set up or adjust scheduled internet access or to create access-groups as you can on the app.   The web-interface just allows you to view schedules previously set up on the app and turn on and off internet access to individual devices.

In other words, if you are without a smartphone, you cannot use some of the features BT Whole Home Premium WiFi offers.

I would therefore like to make a feature request to ask that the web-interface's features exactly match those of the app and include the ability to schedule internet access to devices and device-groups, as well as to allow devices to be placed into groups.

**My question is then: Is there an official way of making such a feature request to BT?**

Many thanks!

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Re: How to make a feature request for BT Whole Home Premium WiFi?

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Hi Gadfly,

We do not currently have any plans to include the creation and editing of schedules in the web GUI but we have noted your suggestion and thank you for your observation and feature request.

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