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Huawei hg612 linked to TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 has caused my speeds to drop from 20mb to <1mb

Hello, after much frustration with my internet I bought a new router on which i have installed OpenWrt and will install FQ Codel to try and help with my bufferbloat. 

However before I can do this I'd like to get my speeds back up to at least a usable level. I currently have the modem plugged in and then that into the router. I haven't found or changed any setting on the modem apart from a factory reset. The only settings changed on the router are the generic PPPoe details to access the internet. 

if i plug the smart hub 2 back in my speeds return to normal, along with ~400-1000ms of bufferbloat, making any attempt at playing games or using video conferencing futile. 

I am very out of my depth here and have tried all i can think of, is there any obvious problem that may be causing this as i'm losing my mind trying to fix it. 


Here's s speedtest result, this is actually the fastest it's been


any help is much appreciated, i've bitten off far more than i can chew here trying anything to fix this.

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