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Hub wont allow wireless devices to see lan network

 I have a problem is on my new Business Smart Hub 088317.  The issue is all devices whether wireless or LAN connections all connect and work on the internet but they cannot access each other. 

Example my wireless laptop cannot see any device connected to the LAN computers nor the LAN printer connected to the LAN network. On the old Business Hub 5 this same setup worked fine. If i got to network icon on windows 10 using  the wireless device it only sees the devices connected wirelessly but on any LAN computer i can see my laptop, but cannot access it. If i print on my laptop i get a messages saying it cannot connect but about 30 minutes later the information gets through and prints.

I have tried to switch of the firewall on the router but with no luck,

When you speak to BT they have not got a clue, i spent about an hour on the phone and they told me to change the username on the router which made no difference as they read from a flow chart.

Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Hub wont allow wireless devices to see lan network

if you have a business hub then I assume you are a business user and should post here

as this is a residential forum

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