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I've made a complaint about my BT 900 broadband

I raised a complaint cause I had a fault with my fibre 900 broadband, I had to wait 3 weeks for an engineer to come out and on the day he never even showed up to my house. I called and they told me that they would reschedule it for later on in the day but they never bothered to come to the house or call. I'm only getting 180mbps when I'm paying for a minimum of 450mbps. It's impossible to get through to anyone on BT support, they have reviewed my complaint but haven't even begun processing it, It takes me over an 1 hour 20 mins on the phone to get through to support and alot of the time I wait that long and they just cut off my call. I need someone to actually do something cause I'm paying for an internet speed I'm not even receiving

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Re: I've made a complaint about my BT 900 broadband

Use this number in the morning and you shoud be able to get through quicker. 0800 587 4787

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