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IP Profile

I've had several breaks in service (landline and broadband) for over a month and the engineers have tried several fixes.  Currently my landline is working (hoorah) as is my broadband.  However my broadband download speed has reduced from circa 40mbps to circa 20mbps.  I note that my IP Profile has been set at 22.35 and guess this means the fastest I can expect is that figure.  Is this correct and can it be increased please?

Secondly I don't understand why the BT website is so difficult to navigate.  My question above could be made directly to BT if there was a facility for online chat or direct email.  Are these available and I have missed them?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: IP Profile

Your IP profile is low because your speed is low, not vice versa. DLM will gradually increase your speed if your line now remains stable.

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Re: IP Profile

Thank you.  Still don't understand why the speed is halved or why it's so difficult to contact BT directly using their website.  I'll keep an eye on the speed.

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Re: IP Profile

due to all your resets and drops in connection the DLM saw your line as unstable and took action to stabilise you connection by increasing your noise margin and reducing your connection speed.  As @licquorice  has posted you now need a stable connection with no resets/drops and DLM will eventually increase your speed

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Re: IP Profile

I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Thank you for replying.

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