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IPC-6023 error connected to Netgear router


I have BT infinity 80/20 connection. I recently swapped out the BTHH for a Netgear Orbi router in Router mode connected to a BT Openreach Hg612 modem. The youview box is connected to the router with an ethernet cable. The router and the box have the latest software installed. IGMP BTTV proxying etc. all on on the Orbi. Everything works fine on freeview channels, but the IPTV NOW/BT Sport etc. all work fine for about 5 minutes and then I get an IP-6023 error. If I change channels to and from same IPTV channel again it works fine for 5 mins and then the error appears. If I remove the orbi and connect directly to BTHH no problem. I see others have had the same problem with the same setup and needed some parameters changing on their box/line to get things rock solid.



Something about some changes BT made end of 2017 re: caused some additional periodic IGMP traffic

Is anyone able to help here? 

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